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The Trainings and Trainer Database is an online resource to help individuals and organisations with setting up and improving debate education. The resource can be used in classrooms, debate clubs, universities, or in other youth activities.

The resource ties in to the project “Empower Youth To Debate Across Europe”. This Erasmus+-funded project strengthens debate education in four ways. Firstly, through trainings that built up to an inclusive curriculum for debate education. Secondly, through a train-the-trainer program. Thirdly, through accreditation that validates the trainers’ skills and allows for appropriate testing of students. And fourthly, the database you are currently visiting.

The consortium “Empower Youth To Debate Across Europe” consists of eight leading debate organisations across Europe. The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) in The Netherlands, Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft (DDG) in Germany, Slovenská debatná asociácia (SDA) in Slovakia, Eesti Väitusselts/Estonian Debating Society (EDS) from Estonia, Lietuvos Debatu Centras / Educational Centre Lithuania, Debate Center Latvia, ARDOR - Asociatia Romana de Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica from Romania, and Youth Educational Forum from North Macedonia.

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